Our software identifies the key drivers of response performance and brings clarity to your planning process. The products are based on over a decade of university research and have been proven in the largest, most demanding emergency services in North America.


Diagnostic Reporting

The core of our software suite is Darkhorse Diagnostics. Directed specifically at managers, this reporting solution quickly and intuitively answers a manager’s most critical questions.

It tells you not only where the service is having performance issues, but most importantly why. This focuses efforts on the interventions that will most cost-effectively improve performance.


Predictive Modelling

Station Locator is a customized, map-based dashboard that allows you to test station configurations and deployments instantly and accurately. 

It incorporates a spatial forecast of call volumes, a projected road network, and a prediction of response times tuned to the practices of your service. Beyond testing what-if scenarios, its powerful optimization engine identifies the best possible plan.


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